Victory Post Production

Post-Production for my next short film “Victory or Death” is almost complete. It’s a fun process beginning with the edit with Jay Trautman (pictured below).

Jay Trautman

After six rounds of edits, we choose music and send files to the rotoscoper. Then we begin color correction with the DP, Marlen Schlawin…

Jay and Marlen just love having their picture taken…

Then it’s time for Sound Design with Corey Eccles…

Sound Mix

“Victory or Death” uses of lot of sound design. Everything from earthquakes to humpback whales to ocean waves are layered into the sound mix.

I like these photos because it looks like Corey is flying a spaceship.

Next step is rendering end credits and then we’re just about complete!


Jay and I knocked out a new trailer for The Last Hurrah. I wrote the outline during lunch break at a dance competition on Saturday, Jay mocked it up Sunday afternoon, and Sunday night we massaged it into place. We’ve both been so swamped, this is our process!

The trailer music is composed and performed by Dominic Mazzoni. Take a look!

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