Victory Post Production

Post-Production for my next short film “Victory or Death” is almost complete. It’s a fun process beginning with the edit with Jay Trautman (pictured below).

Jay Trautman

After six rounds of edits, we choose music and send files to the rotoscoper. Then we begin color correction with the DP, Marlen Schlawin…

Jay and Marlen just love having their picture taken…

Then it’s time for Sound Design with Corey Eccles…

Sound Mix

“Victory or Death” uses of lot of sound design. Everything from earthquakes to humpback whales to ocean waves are layered into the sound mix.

I like these photos because it looks like Corey is flying a spaceship.

Next step is rendering end credits and then we’re just about complete!

Men Interrupted Sound Mix

Today I wrapped the final sound mix with the wonderful sound designer Corey Eccles.  The mix was relaxed and fun.  Sound recording was very good on set, so our time was spent on sweetening music and effects.

Corey sound editing actors Ravi Patel and Janina Gavankar

Actors get to come on set, deliver a performance, and then move on with the rest of their lives. Meanwhile, everyone in post-production has to relive the actors’ performances dozens and dozens of times, analyzing and editing every inflection and nuance.

I think the mark of a funny actor is if they can still make me laugh in the sound edit. Even after I can recite all their lines in my sleep.

Actress Jelynn Rodriguez

The music for “Men, Interrupted” is composed by the incomparable Dominic Mazzoni. I was thrilled with his work in The Last Hurrah and he did amazing work again, here. Jazz and comedy go together like basil and tomato.

Actors David Wachs and Kate Albrecht

Once color and rotoscoping are complete, we can begin sending “Men, Interrupted” to festivals.